Om at the Moment #2: Getting to the Root!

Getting to the Root!

Not just for pulling garden weeds!

As I was sitting in the dentist chair last week, having a dead tooth drilled in a much needed root canal, I started thinking about roots. How this root kept causing issues for me and here I was, after having trying to avoid it for so long… I was finally getting to the root of the issue! Finally coming here to lay back and face this dentist and these drills so that I could help heal the root of these health issues and actually progress towards greater health!


Personally, I feel that as important as Roots are - they are so easy to overlook! For one… they are often hidden.


How often do we oggle at tree tops and not stop to think about the deep rich root systems that lie underneath, supporting these great, breathing beauties?


All over the place we are sold so many products that fix surface issues and symptoms without actually resolving the cause (sometimes making it worse!) So instead of staying hydrated, we load up on moisturizing lotions and chapsticks. Instead of getting a root canal, perhaps we perpetually treat sinus issues **cough cough :)** Or in relationships maybe we constantly find ourselves placing blame on others without looking to how our own behaviors can cause certain issues to be reflected around us. Do we maybe have unspoken expectations that are causing unnecessary strife? Have we talked through what’s causing conflict within ourselves or others or do we just keep addressing what feels like the same situation again and again?


If something keeps coming back to us again and again, might we try to listen to it with openness to see what we have been missing?


If everything is a messenger in life, and a messenger keeps coming back again and again to knock at our door and beckon for our attention - then that can tell us that there is something important there that we have to learn and perhaps grow from. How lucky we are that the Universe never ceases to give us opportunities for growth! And even if we aren’t quite ready for a particular lesson, fear not - there are perhaps infinite chances for us to figure it out!


Of course this can be frustrating… Maybe you have a friend that you feel you are constantly giving the same advice to again and again? Maybe you are that friend? Do you notice yourself ever going through the same motions without any new resolve? Giving yourself the same pep talks that don’t seem to be getting you very far?


Maybe… Just Maybe…. There is something deeper at play. Last issue, we talked about welcoming. Working off of that welcoming, might you gift yourself the space and the permission to explore and just be with whatever arises?


  Look at all we get to witness when we bring things to full perspective!   Picture taken at my friend's magical space

Look at all we get to witness when we bring things to full perspective!

Picture taken at my friend's magical space


A Mindful Invitation

Take a moment to yourself right now.

Take a breathe in. You are alive, Brilliant in your Being.

Take a breathe out. You are here, Stable in your Body.

And let’s take a moment to touch into your Inner Resource, any place where you feel safe, secure, and at ease. This can be any place - real or imagined. It can be in nature or inside. If it helps, you can start with a completely blank space and fill it with whatever you like.  What colors are present? What does this place smell like? Feel into the perfect temperature of this space. Perhaps you can be sipping on your favorite drink or eating your favorite foods. What do you hear? Would you like to invite anyone or anything else there into this space with you? Whatever you like, bring it into your awareness now.


Steep in this space! What does it feel like in your body? Might you sit with this feeling of safety, security, and ease?


And when you are ready… let the images fade away and just sit with this feeling in your body. Knowing that at any time during your life, you can always return to this space.


Having created a foundation of ok-ness, take a moment to scan your body. Is there any emotion, thought, or belief that you have perhaps been working with or seems to be present now?


Do you feel ok sitting with this emotion? Not placing judgement on it if it is good, bad, right, or wrong. Just sitting with it.


And if this emotion, thought, or belief was a person, creature, or thing - what would it look like? Is it big? Is it small? How is it colored? What are its textures? What does it sound like? How close or far away from it would you like to be? Does it have a message for you? Why has it come here today?


Is there anything you would like to say to it? Is there anything you feel called to do? How would it feel to go about doing that?


Might we take the time to listen and fully respond to this messenger and all messengers that meet us in life as opposed to reacting in any given moment?


  Cool things come from well below what we can immediately see!   Picture taken at the Denver Nature and Science Museum

Cool things come from well below what we can immediately see!

Picture taken at the Denver Nature and Science Museum


Jen's Reflection

Why was I inspired to share this?

I find it really hard sometimes to figure out what is actually causing challenges in my lives. Lots of times, especially in relationships, we have limited knowledge of all the factors in situations. Or sometimes we have knowledge, but don’t quite know what to do with it!


There is someone who I’m not particularly fond of whom I see quite often. As much as I try, I often notice challenges accepting this person without having a gut reaction of disdain. Again and again I kept attributing my disdain to their actions. But what growth did that gift me? I never felt ‘good’ about my feelings - but they were there! I had to accept them and see why I kept feeling these kinda ways.


Sitting with it, sitting with my reactions, I realized that I was seeing so much of my young self in this person and many aspects of my personality that have since evolved. It wasn’t this person who I couldn’t stand - it was my own past that I didn’t care to hold patience for. I was holding frustrations for the time it took for my own growth, and projecting them onto this other individual’s path.


Taking a step back and figuring out honestly why I was having this kind of reaction with this particular person, has allowed me to grow compassion for both this individual and most especially for myself.Instead of reacting to what kept arising time and time again, I took time to really examine it and ask what was bringing this to the forefront of my awareness. I got to the root of the issue!


Now… Full Disclosure: as in most everything in life, it is certainly still a work in progress! Just like my tooth… I don’t think there really are any such things as quick fixes that are actually lasting fixes… Maybe things can help appease a situation for a certain amount of time, but if we don’t get to the root it will inevitably keep coming back around again and again! And even as we work on it, it’s still going to keep popping up - and that’s ok!

When we gift ourselves time and effort to work on supporting ourselves at our roots - we can build strength and stability to grow! To better withstand whatever comes our way!

The reflection I’m hoping to share is simply the power in roots and just what might happen for us when we pay a little more attention to them!


So - thanks for tuning in! Hopefully this made some sense :P


Love and Light, Jen

 Picture taken at Wollam Gardens

Picture taken at Wollam Gardens

Maybe we are searching in the branches,
for what only can be found in the roots.

– Jelaluddin Rumi

Gratitude Corner

I just wanted to share that I also had my first two shows! I’m full of Gratitude for all of those who have helped support me along the way! Most especially to my Loving Partner, Michael Andrade - who I just flat out could not have done all of this without!


I’ll be showing one more time this year at the Bloomingdale Holiday Bazaar at the Big Bear Cafe at 1700 1st St NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 4-7 pm on Sunday, December 18th. And then will be updating my website with the Season II pieces that are still available plus my new line of Power Strips and Scents!


Namaste <3

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

I invite you to please follow up with me about anything! I'm going to be working on a resource page to talk more about my personal practice and things I appreciate utilizing within it. But I would love to know more about what would be helpful to you!

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