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Frequently asked question

How many of each piece do you make?

At this time, I only create one of each style. Each piece pictured in the shop is the piece you will receive if ordered. I am happy to send you any additional pictures or answer and inquiries you may have.

Do you create pieces with any specific intention in mind for the stones?

While I sometimes create pieces inspired by things I have encountered in Life, I do not create them with a specific intention for the metaphysical properties of the stones. It is my hope that each person can elect themselves to bring their own meaning and feel to the stones. And so I do not label any of the pieces or delve into the properties of the stones to help ensure that each piece sets off out of my studio with clear energy. If you are open and curious to the subtle energies of the stones I invite you to look into the metaphysical properties of them or simply meditate with them and see what arises. I will do my best to guide you to resources if you have any inquiries about the stones, but I have found that it can be the most potent to simply feel into your own experiences of them.

Do you do commissioned work?

Have you had a daydream or ideas of a piece you would like? Please email me at with an idea, sketch, description, or even just stone composition of the piece and I would be honored to help bring your idea into fruition.

Do you welcome bulk orders?

Certainly! If you are interested in a bulk order or want multiple of a certain piece, please email me at to inquire and ensure ample time for creating.

Do you re-make pieces?

Has someone else already taken home a piece that caught your eye? Please email me at with a link or description of the piece and I will see if a similar one can be made available. Stones are naturally varied and I buy beads in small batches, so I will do my best to match the original but can never make an exact replicate. I hope you will cherish the uniqueness of each piece as I do ❤

Do accept returns?

Purchase a piece that just wasn't fitting for you? Not a problem! You can return the piece within 7 days of receipt for a full refund. Please email me to coordinate returns.