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Story of the Stones

Hello! Thank you for visiting Om at the Moon! I'm so excited to share this collection of beaded gemstone jewelry that I have created and curated. Each piece is unique and inspired by the stones themselves and often personal reflections on Life.

I created this line after an inspired day dream that led me to buy my first bulk batch of gemstone beads. I have long enjoyed creative endeavors and as a young human, I would often spend hours over piles of beads making pieces for myself, family, and friends. Creating this line felt like a natural progression from my drive as a creator and my enjoyment of rocks.

For as long as I can remember, I have been enthralled by the magic of nature. Several years ago this curiosity expanded into crystals and their metaphysical properties. Working with stones became a part of my personal meditative self-care practice. I may carry a stone in my pocket, hold one in a sitting meditation, lay them out as a grid, or simply observe the beauty of them and ponder their creation and journey. I gravitate towards whatever calls to me and often enjoy reading all about the meanings and properties of stones after I have gotten a chance to sit with them myself.

While this has been a special part of my personal journey, I recognize it isn't for everyone. I don't create my work with any specific intentions for the stones, I often feel they just draw themselves together. If a specific piece calls to you and you find yourself curious, I would invite you to look more into the history of the stones themselves and would be happy to help connect you with additional resources.

I feel as I create, that the process is a mere segment in the life of these stones and pieces; that each piece is simply waiting to reach its next phase and keeper.

I am so grateful that you have come to visit this page and share in this journey. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or make any requests! Love and Sunshine ❤